Hot Tub Repair


The risk of your hot tub freezing is the biggest emergency issue that can cost the most to repair or even render your hot tub down to junk status.

If there is no power to the hot tub this is the biggest cause for concern.  If the pumps are running but the heater is not you are still ok as long as you keep the pumps running as moving water takes significantly longer to freeze (think of a river).  

If the pumps are NOT running this can be very bad for your hot tub.  In the short term you MUST get a space heater into the cavity of the tub (behind the panels) to keep the plumbing from freezing and cracking.  The ONLY monitoring system with a heater approved and certified for this use is The Spa Dragon and you can contact us to discuss installation and it can be purchased clicking the image below:

Hot Tub Emergency!